Monday, 12 January 2015

Sebastian Buerkner - ’The Chimera of M.’ - At the Tyneside Cinema [12th January 2015]

[2015.01.12] Tom Hollingworth, preview for NARC Magazine.

A new year - and with that bright winter sun melting the frost, use this useful annual distinction to energise an ambition to try new things. You won’t regret it!

To aid you in this nobel endeavour, The Tyneside Cinema are hosting Sebastian Buerkner’s award-winning installation, The Chimera of M., in their newly constructed progressive space on the third floor, The Gallery.

Take twenty-five minutes from your day, don 3D glasses and step inside the eyes of a mysterious character, tracing two abandoned relationships from their past, in a dreamlike journey. Venturing through the fragmented events, you will be challenged to make sense of relationships and events from the vulnerable position of an accountable character.

Buerkner takes cinematic techniques that have previously helped to communicate feelings and atmospheres on the big-screen and pushes their possibilities into new areas; incorporating them into an imaginative stereoscopic experience. Such an imaginative use of various digital technology combines to share his character and their story with the most visceral effect.

Communication has been an eternal ambition. What missing details might this medium expose?

You can immerse yourself in Buerkner’s world daily between 15th - 25th January 2015. Take a chance, and 2015 may gift you an experience that previous years have not.

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